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    Specialists in Aviation Insurance

    Most insurance brokers don’t offer aviation coverage. It is a specialized product that requires a very focused experience in order to truly comprehend the variety of risk management needs inherent with flying. Most brokers cannot dedicate the time necessary to learn about this very specialized insurance.

    This is the biggest difference between most insurance brokers and AvPac Insurance Services. We focus solely on delivering aviation insurance products. Our experiential knowledge, training and expertise are all dedicated exclusively to providing risk management solutions for those involved in aviation.

    The professionals at AvPac aren’t simply aviation insurance specialists. They’re aviation enthusiasts who specialize in aviation insurance. When you bring your passion to work, it’s not a job but a calling. The professional histories of each employee paint a picture of industry experience and a true love of flying. That experience and passion is put to work delivering solid risk management solutions that protect you, your equipment and your interests.