• Free UPS/FedEx Audit & Refund Recovery Services for 2020

    Offer Valid: 04/14/2020 - 12/31/2020
    UPS/FedEx Help for Costa Mesa Chamber Members
    Do you get invoices from UPS and/or FedEx?
    Costa Mesa Chamber members can use Lojistic to instantly audit all 2020 UPS & FedEx invoices and recover invoice refunds…for FREE. Lojistic will find and chase down invoice refunds (for things like late shipments, duplicate charges, invalid fees, etc.) for all 2020 UPS and FedEx invoices. No cost.  No strings attached.  UPS/FedEx will send refunds directly back to your shipper account(s). 

    What's in it for Lojistic? 
    If you like our free refund recovery services in 2020, we’d love to keep at it in 2021…but first it’s on us to show you that it’s worth it.  Lojistic recently joined the Chamber and wanted to make an immediate/positive impact for Chamber members. You only get one chance at a first impression. We intend to generate meaningful and much needed savings to help local businesses survive this challenging season. 

    How can we offer our audit and refund recovery services for free all year (2020)? 

    We’ve become a 15 year-old 8-figure biz out of recovering UPS/FedEx invoice refunds (it’s one of our core/paid services), which is to say: the carrier’s mistakes are plentiful and perpetual, we’re very good at solving that problem…and under normal circumstances (and these are NOT normal circumstances) we get paid to do it.  This year (2020) is on the house for Chamber members.
    Here's where you can get started: https://costamesa.lojistic.com/

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