• About Us

  • Mission Statement:

    The Mission of the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce is to be the leading proponent for the interests of local business, which include the prosperity of its individual members, the vitality of its marketplace and the quality of its community life.

    Our Commitment to the Costa Mesa Business Constituency:

    Our goal is to make Costa Mesa a great place to do business in California. For over 50 years, the Chamber has been critical in driving our region forward. Today our chamber brings value to its members through a contemporary and sophisticated member platform and activities that advance business. We realize that the growth and success of our Chamber is made possible by the support of existing members, in addition to engaging new businesses. We do not take this for granted.

    We are committed to bringing you value and return on your investment. We operate by a strategic plan that encompasses four primary operating directives and more than a dozen specific points of action: potent organization infrastructure; growth of membership through delivery of value; enrichment of community; and development of collaborations and advocacy.

    Our activities include just a few of the following:

    • Contemporary website and communications strategies with useful content and interactive features that advance business and community
    • Provision of the latest business tools and government updates
    • Cultivation of new business, new leaders and innovative approaches for local enterprise
    • Establishment and expansion of Chamber partnerships with organizations that help our members with business needs
    • Resource and public voice on government and initiatives that help businesses thrive
    • Events and activities that inspire effective networking and bring positive exposure to Costa Mesa and its marketplace


    We are here to partner in your success. We encourage your participation and input. A strong Chamber of Commerce means a strong business environment in Costa Mesa. Our vibrant city deserves no less.

    We thank you for your interest in the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce.