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    “The Award Winning Arts & Learning Conservatory is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to meeting an increasing need for arts accessibility for youth in your local community. Through performing arts programs such as theater, voice, dance and instrumental music, we create solid and focused opportunities that nurture each student’s artistic ability.

    We provide accessible and immersive arts opportunities to children of all ages and backgrounds to learn, perform and excel in the performing arts. Students in the Arts & Learning Conservatory program enter into a truly engaging community whose standard of teaching is at the highest level while maintaining a friendly, fun and nurturing environment.


    Into the Woods


    Gospel Voices of OC
    Gospel Voices of OC
    • Gospel; African American; Juneteenth; GVOC; Arts & Learning Conservatory; Dance; Theater; Band; Singing.
    • Saturday Jun 8, 2024