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    About Us

    For over 50 years South Coast Counseling has been treating those who suffer from mental illness and substance abuse. Our unique approach to individualized treatment allows each client to experience their own treatment program. Whether you are addicted to heroin, or are depressed and drinking excessively, we can help.

    Our Mission:
    “To provide a structured, safe and nurturing environment where clients can overcome their substance abuse and related issues by receiving the best in therapeutic care and strong support from our extensive alumni to build happy, purposeful and productive lives.”

    Addiction is a serious condition whose effects can ripple out and negatively impact every aspect of our lives. Whether the drug of choice is alcohol, opioids or the abuse of prescription medications, coming to terms with the existence of the problem can be very difficult. The prospect of summoning up the courage to seek out an answer, to ask for help, can be even more daunting. However, please know that addiction is a disease, and you should not feel ashamed to reach out. No one need face this affliction alone.

    There are many stimuli that can trigger an addiction, or cause its resurgence. Keeping company with friends who abuse drugs can make it nearly impossible to break free for good. Returning to the site of an unhappy event, or a childhood home filled with unpleasant memories, can be equally problematic. Even stress, accruing over time, can break us down in the end. This is especially true in the case of a tragedy in the family or any sudden life-cha


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