• Get Ready to Build a Productive Team of Freelancers

    Hiring freelancers may seem like the right option for your business if you have just a few tasks that you'd like to complete or want to outsource labor. Working with freelancers can be helpful, but you'll want to know that the people you've chosen are going to be a productive part of your team. 


    Before you start hiring these workers, you'll need to complete some administrative tasks. Once you're ready to look for freelancers, follow these tips from the Costa Mesa Chamber of Commerce to weed through the masses and build the correct team.


    Complete Administrative Tasks Before Hiring


    Before you hire or contract anyone to work with your business, it's important to take care of some administrative tasks. Forming a limited liability corporation, or LLC, is the first thing to consider if you're a sole proprietor now. An LLC has benefits that include limited personal liability if something goes wrong, tax advantages for your company, more flexibility, and less paperwork.


    Before you form an LLC, remember that all states have their own rules for formation, so check the rules before you file. 


    Build an International Freelance Team 


    The ideal freelancers are experts in their fields, so they'll have years of experience and portfolios to back up their resumes. If you're ready to move on and find a freelancer, ThemeIsle notes that the next thing to do is to start thinking about how to find the high-quality workers who you know will benefit your team. Consider the following methods for sourcing:

    • Social Media. The first place to look for freelancers is on social media. Facebook, for example, has Facebook ads. With a free online tool, Meta points out that you can create Facebook ads using editable templates that you can customize with your logo, font, and branding to stand out when you post your job offer. You can download the ad to use it time and time again.

    • Word of Mouth. Another option is to use word-of-mouth to find freelancers. Your friends, family, or colleagues may have suggestions based on people they've worked with in the past. 

    • Recruitment Service. Finally, consider using a recruitment service to find freelancers. A recruitment service will scour LinkedIn and other sources to find the right people for the job.


    Once you've chosen your team, figure out how you want to structure your working relationship. Consider using the cloud to connect with your team and share details about projects. For example, you can work on Google Docs or with Google Spreadsheets. You'll also want to decide on a pay schedule and structure. Then, pay the same way — and pay on time — every time. Consider options like Venmo or PayPal to make this happen. 


    Finally, you'll want to write a contract. This will ensure that you're clear on what you're paying for and that the freelancers know what is expected of them. If you’re hiring people you can’t meet with in person, you can speed up the process of getting them to sign their contract if you use a PDF filler that enables them to electronically submit a signature. That way, you can begin working together as quickly as possible, and there will be no confusion as to the terms of your agreement.


    Get Support for Your Business's Needs


    Building a successful freelance team takes time. You need to find expert freelancers and make sure you communicate well and pay on time. And if you decide to start your own LLC, using an online formation service will save you lots of time and hassle in the long run.  

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