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    A non-profit Corporation to benefit the public as well as legal, mental health, accounting & financial planning professionals information on the practice of collaborative family law, a process which focuses on out-of-court resolution during divorce.


    CDSOC Members Dr. Carol Hughes, child specialist and collaborative coach, and Diana L. Martinez, Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator presenting at the Family Law Conference hosted by Continuing Education of the Bar
    CDSOC members connecting with other Collaborative Professionals at the Statewide Annual Collaborative Celebration in Redondo Beach, California
    CPCAL Annual Celebration - Bringing the reality of divorce to the forefront
    CDSOC member and Attorney Mediator Terri Breer presenting at the CDSOC Luncheon
    CDSOC members Child Specialist and Collaborative Coach Dr. Carol Hughes with Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator Diana L. Martinez de-briefing workshops attended at the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals annual conference in Vancouver, BC