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    About Us

    WildWater Express Carwash is owned by Pepper Tree, Inc., doing business in California since 1976 and a California corporation since 1991.
    We are an exterior-only carwash which allows you to get in, out and on your way in less than five minutes.

    You never leave your car but simply pay the greeter, then be guided onto the conveyor. You leave the motor running and do the following:

    Put the car in neutral
    Don't Touch your brakes or steering
    Enjoy the ride as the conveyor pulls you through the tunnel where
    mechanical equipment does all the work.
    At the end of the tunnel, a green light will come on and you simply place your car in Drive and pull away. By the way, when that green light comes on, MOVE, or risk being hit by the car behind you.

    Powerful blowers remove most of the water from your car at the end. Any remaining water drops will dry spot free because we use purified, reverse osmosis systems. No spots. Guaranteed! If you'd like your hair to have that wind swept look, just open the window and the 100 mile-per-hour breeze will take care of that for you.

    If you need to clean the interior of the car, a free towelette and free vacuums are provided for your convenience.

    Since you never leave your car, YOU and your possessions are safe. It is the safest, fastest way to have a clean car for less than half the cost of a full service wash AND in less than five minutes.


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    Rep/Contact Info

    Mr. Larry Kennepohl
    • Phone: (310) 831-1043
    Mr. Steve Shields