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    Yummi Karma is owned and led by two sisters, and we are proud to be the first state-licensed manufacturer of cannabis products in Orange County. Established in 2014, we make award-winning, high quality tinctures and topicals, and with them we empower people to be their best selves: mind, body, and soul.

    We have always operated with a focus on people, lifestyles, or issues that have been marginalized and the objective of providing a solution or positive impact. Our original tincture line, YK Drops, covers the top reasons why people use cannabis. From sleep, to pain, to anxiety, these 'Tinctures that ACTUALLY Taste Good' are perfect for those seeking an effective and affordable solution. Our luxurious beauty brand, High Gorgeous, offers similar products to those sold by big beauty companies, but with even more benefits.

    As one of the top 4 tincture manufacturers in California, we never stop working to improve ourselves and always have an innovative product or idea in progress. We love building strong partnerships and are excited for what the future has in store.


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